The Banatti Ronda. A play on the Pagani Zonda supercar, derived from the Filipino word, “Banat”, slang for driving flat out and “Ronda”, to drive around. The combination of the two names spells performance anytime, anywhere. Banatti Motors is seeks partners and clients interested in creating Filipino designed and built performance cars for the new world.  Supercar design solo flight! A single seater concept powered by a flat 8 boxer engine comprised of two Subaru 2.5 liter turbo charged engines. All 5.0 liters transfer power via a FWD Four-Wheel Drive power-train made up from Subaru components. The flat 8 keeps weight low, E85 fuel keeps the emissions honestly clean, and twin turbochargers ensure this is one Ronda of supercar proportions.  Son of “Z”, could a future version of the famous Datsun 240Z look like this? This concept car plays up the beautiful lines of the original Z and allows them to live again in the modern age. Using a twin cam 2400 cc engine from the notorious Nissan GTR, this Son of Z is being studied right now by a company called Michel Motorsport. <a href='' target='_blank'></a>  Remember the HotWheels Deora? This is the Toyota TEORA Concept Truck: Powered by a turbo-diesel CRDi engine,  load in the jetski, motocross bikes, or go-karts and its a show and tell of new proportions yet a throw-back to cooler greener clime times! Retro-green inspiration from those VW vans the California kids pile friends and surfboards into and head off to PCH tuned in to the beach boys. Hang Ten!  The Cruze Missile. First named early this year, sometime in February. This concept drawing was presented as a styling and sponsorship program to both Coca-Cola and Chevy sponsors for the PhTC Cruze Race Car.  Will this one day be Pepsi's Cruze Missile? One day in the future, the racing scene in the Philippines may actually come to a head with Ford and Chevy, and Coca Cola and Pepsi. Epic!
The previous slide showed the Cruze in the other  The Nissan SEZ. 2 liters of the original SE R fitted out with upgraded cams, new air cleaner system and headers, pushing a full skirt kit, lowered and spoiler-ed for tearing up the street. And if that’s not enough, towed on a specially designed single-wheel trailer is a nasty 125cc water cooled 6 speed shifter kart for track time. This design and illustration put the entire package into the 2000 Detroit Auto Show.  The 240Z DRIFT Z! Stuffed full of the glorious Murano V6 3.5 liter award winning engine, with all the weight shifted closer to the firewall, a sequential 6 speed gearbox, a full complement of ground-effects skirts and rear spoiler and this retro-drifter is spoiling for full opposite lock, foot flat floored!  The MOS ROD, code-named: The E ROD. E for electric, entertaining, and EV-so-fast! MOS is short for “Missionaries of Speed”. When creating the name of this visionary automotive design and parts company, the MOS discovered that “speed” in Old English meant “to prosper or succeed”, as in “Godspeed” (<a target='_blank'  href=''></a>) This electrically charged sports car concept is the first MOS concept emissary in the New World of transport. Details only on request, too much information may spoil the fun prematurely, and The MOS certainly want you to be thoroughly entertained when the car is unveiled.  The Nissan Murano GTZ Concept. Dropped, coil-overs, skirt kit, and that great V6 tweaked and tuned would make this Murano a mean street and track day specialist for those of you who want your creature comforts with a whole lot of spirit. The over-fender wheel arches are patterned after the Porsche GT cars, the VOLKS lightweight 20” wheels and bigger tires, combined with some “legal” suspension mods would turn this into a real cornering machine, but punch that throttle body wide open and break the rear tires loose into a wide ear to ear driftin’ grin! Murano Madness!  The Datsun 240Z and the Nissan Murano GTZ Concept, 40 years of legendary performance in one show and go. This concept study was created for Nissan Philippines President Beth Lee, “to be considered in the near future”. Patience is a virtue, but surely there is one of you out there that has a Murano they want skirted, dumped and tweaked, now?  The AMG 600 Gullwing Concept drawing. This series of drawings were printed in Avant Garde Magazine 4 years BEFORE the latest SLS came out.  A sketch of the Gullwing, but much more retro, this version kept the retro alive, and the historical notes of the original car. After playing with the design, the subsequent sketch proved more modern, yet still had the flavor of the original styling cues.  The AMG 600 Gullwing Concept drawing. This series of drawings were printed in Avant Garde Magazine 4 years BEFORE the latest SLS came out.
This series plays with the retro-moderne theme for the Gullwing, keeping the pontoon fender blisters alive, one of the hallmark design features of the car.  The electric Porsche, Son of 911, alias, the Pudgy Porsche! What car maker could create an instant hit for a city run-about than Porsche? Well maybe a few out there, but somehow, the lines of the 911 lend themselves so nicely to pudgy-fying, and thus, this concept, first drawn in 1995 during my stint at The Academy of Art College when the students were doing the GEN X electric car project that started the Academy's Transportation Design Program.  Formula V Twin. A carbon fiber tub, and a V twin or V 4 engine from one of the powerful MOTO GP racers, this would be nice with a Ducatti engine! Ultra-lightweight, power on demand, sleek lines and enough aero to keep it nailed to the ground, this could be a great new Formula series. Drawn for Hernan Mapua, alias, or aka, Captain Aero.